How Our Software Platform Works

The easiest way to notify, connect, and resolve patient balances.


Platform Solutions

MedPilot Pay

  • Decrease inbound phone calls by providing patients with an easy-to-use online bill pay function to make payments 24/7.   

  • Help patients understand what they owe, and why -- with consumer-friendly bill designs and insurance benefit explanations. 
  • Our platform generates customizable payment plans and discounts based on financial need. 

MedPilot Boost Engine

    • Traditional patient outreach through phone calls and letters costs time and money. Our rules-based engine times and triggers messages to provide a more efficient and personalized approach.
    • We track behavior and actions, while utilizing demographic data, to help you better communicate with your patients.
    • Choose optimal channels and content based on our extensive performance analytics, including sent rate, open rate, click rate, and response time. We dive deeper than just overall “success rate” and utilize a goal analytic framework to score the important aspects of each site visit.

    MedPilot Resolution CRM

    • Our software makes recommendations on manual outreach based on our engagement and platform analytics.
    • Efficiently placed phone calls and letters, will not just save you money but drive patient satisfaction.