MedPilot's Full Service Option

Interested in outsourcing your patient revenue cycle management process? Our patient services team and state-of-the-art call center works with some of the most well-respected organizations in healthcare.

What Makes Us Different

  1. The most tech-forward player in the market, leveraging a custom dialer, proprietary CRM system, enhanced online bill pay and data-driven digital engagement tool.

  2. Patients love working with us. Proudly boasting an A+ BBB rating.

  3. We offer full transparency into what is taking place, even letting you listen to phone calls minutes after they occur. 

  4. Unlike other agencies, we bring a custom approach to each facility we work with.

  5. We speak to every patient, never focusing on only higher-balance accounts.

  6. 100% US-based

  7. We can directly integrate with public databases for current phone information.


Industry-Leading Results



Connect Rate



Digital Engagement



Patient Satisfaction


Five Simple Steps:


Step 1:

Determine when you'd like MedPilot to take over.


Step 2:

Set up client preferences.


Step 3:

Set up account data feed.


Step 4:

Stay up-to-date with patient engagement and payments


Step 5:

Sit back while we resolve your patient balances.