Frequently Asked Questions


How does your service help our medical practice?

  • Boost patient reimbursement & improve recovery rates.
  • Decrease patient collections costs.
  • Increase patient satisfaction.

Are you a debt collector?

No. One of our goals is to keep patients out of debt collections. We believe too many people end up with third-party collections agencies for the wrong reasons. This is harming the relationship between patients and their healthcare providers. It’s our goal to help your patients understand and pay their bills with confidence by empowering them with self-service financial options to take control of their medical expenses.

How does your service help our patients?

We provide a level of transparency that patients simply don't have in today's world of healthcare. Patients are being billed like the Internet never existed and are confused with multiple bills and insurance statements that are hard to understand. A lack of engagement, communication and financial options is the cause of many issues that lead to nonpayment. We solve these problems by offering: 

  • Customizable payment plans 
  • Automated financial assistance 
  • Simplified bills with explanations
  • Direct online communication

How do you reach out to our patients?

We utilize digital communication channels such as emails and SMS text messages in order to reach your patients with the right message, in the right place, at the right time. We leverage behavioral analytics to learn how to most effectively engage patients to take action in resolving their bills.


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